Raafeh Din, Edinburgh / UK
I am back again (please see my other testimonials below). I bought two Sony Ericsson K610i phones on eBay, both were locked and branded to T-Mobile. I tried unlocking and debranding one of them myself, but unfortunately I was unsuccessful in doing so. On 30th November 2009, I sent both phones to Fone Fun Shop to be unlocked and debranded. I received them back on 2nd December, both done and working as normal. Gone is the T-Mobile branding and now both phones can be used to their full potential. Fone Fun Shop offered me an outstanding service and I would give them 10 out of 10 yet again. Keep up the excellent work. Thanks a million!!
Aoife Willis / UK
Just to thank you guys for a superb, efficient service. Having hit blanks all round since moving abroad I am now delighted that both my UK mobiles are unlocked and working with my Swiss SIM. I had bought a Swiss mobile phone when I moved here as no one was willing to help unlock my UK mobiles (nor were the original network any help) and when the Swiss mobile was recently stolen I resented having to fork out again with two UK mobiles sitting in the cupboard - I am so glad to have found your service......... Viva unlocking!
Mr J Compton Bennett / UK
Codes worked fine first time, I have not used a service like this before as my phones have always been on the right network, in this instance my service provider could not supply this phone.......it now works just fine many thanks I will recommend you to others.
Lynne Burton / UK
Good morning! Unlocking code and dual sim all arrived this morning....Very impressed.....Just wanted to say thanks for the great service......Instructions for unlocking the phone were blonde proof :-) even I managed it.....So thanks heaps.
Helen / UK
Thank-you sooooo much!!! This is excellent!!! I shall definitely tell all my friends about your service!!!
Roger Green / UK
Just to say thanks for excellent Unlock By Post Service. Less than 48 hours door to door - brilliant!!!!
Bryan Hillman / UK
I have just got my phone back. I just wanted to say what a superb debranding service you have given to me. I posted the phone at 1024 on the 05/09/05 and received it back today 07/09/05 at 11.30 utterly amazing. It's so much better not having all that 'vodaphone' crap. You do exactly what it says on your web site! Many thanks!!
Luke Hall / UK
Just wanted to say thankyou for a service that is second to none! No one needs to be worried sending their precious phones in the mail. I was gobsmacked to recieve my phone back just 2 days after i sent it to you guys! Now my SE 750i is completely debranded from Vodafone LIve and is upgraded to the W800i firmware. Ill be telling everyone I know to come to you guys if they need similar services. Once again, Thankyou. I'm so glad I found you.
John Williams / UK
Would just like to say that I have received my phone today. Inserted sim card and the phone works a treat on new network. What a 1st class service you offer. I will recommend you to my friends.
Robert Lloyd / UK
Just wanted to say thanks for a great service. I posted the phone to you on the afternoon of Monday 5 October and had it back unlocked on the morning of Wednesday 7 October. Amazing! There are a few businesses out there who could learn a lesson from you! Thanks again, Rob